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Yunus Emre Thermal Power Plant Project has started in 2008 at Mihalıççık district of Eskişehir province to utilize local energy resources of Turkey and activate them to bring in to Turkey's economy. For that Adularya Enenrgy has started this project aiming to activate the idle lignite resources of Turkey in the area.

Detailed plans and studies have been conducted for existing mining reserves and coal production within a short time. Then preparation for mine pits has been carried and related mechanical equipment have been dimensioned and supplied from the world leaders in the mining machines industry. Currently mining resources of Turkey are produced and brought in to meet energy need of Turkey.    

Construction of Yunus Emre Power plant is ongoing within vicinity of mining field and it has 2 units, each having a capacity of 145 MW. In total the power plant will have 290 MW installed capacity.

Power plant is being designed to meet European Union emission standards. With the commissioning of the power plant, Turkey will save around 150 million USD per year from energy import trade. With this mission, Adularya Energy will continue to invest in electricity production in Energy industry area. 

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