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Adularya Energy has been founded in 2007 as a Naksan Holding owned company in 2007. For meeting the increasing electricity consumption needs of Turkey, currently 1.100 people are employed in Adularya Energy's coal prodcution facilities which are located in Mihalıççık district of of Eskişehir province. Upon the completion of thermal power plant project, the total number of employees will reach to more than 1.500 for mining activities. The most advanced thechnology which is named as "Longwall long feet fully mechanical" production method has been used for mining activities. All the process from production of the coal in the mine to the transportation it to the porwer plant will be fully automated and mechanical. This method is the most advanced and modern method that has been used in the world. Since all the activities are done mechanically with advanced mining machines, the efficiency has been increased and the work safety has been reached to a very high level.         

With the coal production, the idle coal resources of our country will be utilized and part of the energy need of Turkey will be met in that way. Utilizing Turkey's own energy resources, we will take a part in reducing Turkey's energy dependence to the external resources, thus having a support in reducing trade gap. This investment has a critical importance in that sense. 

Our target is to operate with zero industrial accident rate and therefore become an examplar in the industry. For that, health and saftey works in our organization are driven with related European standards. 

Another top important and sensitive topic for Adularya Energy is minimizing the environmental effects which may arise due to coal production. For minimizing probable effects we are employing related expertize and giving focus on minimizing netagive impacts.

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