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It all started in the year 1940; with the wholesale attars and hardware store founded by S. Mehmet Nakıboğlu. In the 1960s, when the up trending of plastics industry started, Nakıboğlu Family began to sell polyethylene films and greenhouse covers; thus the foundation of Naksan Holding was laid. Today, with the attribute of “Producer Firm” rising on this foundation, Naksan Holding has become a world firm influential both in national and international arena with its 200 000 tpa production capacity, over 7.000 personnel and strong economical structure.

Naksan Plastik, a subsidiary of Naksan Holding, is among the top 500 establishments of Türkiye since 1995. While Naksan Plastik stands the 129th on the list in 2010; Royal Halı which became one of the most important carpet brands in the world shortly after its establishment, stands the 400th. The same year, Royal Halı succeeded in being one of the top provincial enterprises-founded in Anadolu.

Naksan Holding, which has made a merit of providing the same quality and service to all its clients regardless of scale, following Naksan Plastik has annexed Nakpilsa Dokuma, Royal Halı, Pierre Cardin Halı, Royal BCF, Adularya, Elmacı Pazarı, Naksan Teknoloji, Elma Sepeti, Verimli Plastik, Rinak Lojistik and lastly, one of Türkiye’s well-established carpet producers Atlas Halı; thus extending its attention, energy and high standards to masses. With the “renewal of blood” by the active participation of the third generation in management during the 2000s; Naksan Holding is determined to occupy the topmost positions in this proud tableau in the future as well; relying on its robust organization which nestles synergically working elements from production to distribution, marketing to sales and with the trust in its high market share and valuable collaborations.

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