Power Plant

Our plant possesses a power of 2 x 145 MW and will provide 1.17% of our country’s electric consumption by producing kWh of electricity per year. By putting our power plant into service, an amount of $ 150.000.000 will be saved from annual energy import. 

Yunus Emre Thermal Power Plant will have the feature of being Turkey’s first power plant that complies with EU Emission criteria and established with Flue Gas Desulphurization system that will operate with domestic lignite fuel.
For the first time in Turkey; technological mining and thermal power plant investment is conducted together by a private sector.
1000 people are already working in our mining fields. With the thermal power plant, this number of employment is planned to be increased to 1500 people.
The boiler and flue gas cleaning system, which is among the main equipment of our power plant, will be provided by Andritz Energy & Environment (AE&E) Company; the turbines will be provided by Skoda and generators will be provided by Siemens AG.

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